Matt Tilley Reviews

Matt is super knowledgeable about the area and everything to do with the real estate process. He was always quick in responding to any of our needs and a skilled negotiator. I loved working with Matt!

- Barbara C

Choose Matt as your agent and you will have a top-notch guy. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would find an agent who moved boxes to the garage, planted and watered flowers, came to the house at 7:30 am to put out donations in the rain. He kept me on track when I was down.
He always had a smile for me. I didn't know much about selling a house, but he kept me informed and gave me ideas that would help sell the house. The British Bloke is a hero in my eyes... and you won't go wrong with him!

- Janice M

It was a pleasure selling the house with Matt leading the way. Whenever we had a question or a problem, Matt was available and made the necessary contact to get the issue resolved. His suggestions were spot on and he always had a positive and professional attitude. I would go with Matt again if I had another house to sell.

- Steve L

We bought our house with Matt and he was an awesome agent. First off he is a killer negotiator and got us a huge credit after inspections. He was an an excellent communicator, we could always get a hold of him and ask questions, and he was great about walking us through every aspect of the process. The best part is that everyone likes him so he is the guy you want schmoozing with agents to gain insight and info about a house before making an offer. People just open up to him and his friendly British accent!

- Mike F.

Always available to discuss anything, come by for a sudden showing, and bring us to see a list of houses. Diligent and helpful in searching within our perimeters and knowledgeable with his advise. Aware of additional commute time with property farther away and helped calculate and remind us if our searches were getting too far from work. Researched coyote areas for safety of kids and pets. Kind and extremely reliable, honest, and trustworthy. Understood pricing. Makes sound recommendations with other investment opportunities once we sold our house, so we knew buying/renting was not our only option— we could buy several less expensive properties in a different city and rent them to generate income. Matt was funny and able to laugh with us. He did research for us at all hours of the day (or night). He was easily able to switch gears if we threw a wrench in things and caught him off guard with, “Hey— let’s look at moving to the state I grew up in, and by the way: could you randomly contact and ask if the people living in a specific house that I remember from childhood would be interested in selling?” He did. He called them several times on all of their devices and got an answer for us within a week. Exceptionally loyal. Absolutely recommend working with Matt. Also— great accent (bonus).

- Sara M

We had an excellent experience working with Matt Tilley. He was very responsive, showed up early (every time!) to our house viewing appointments, patient, knowledgeable, and overall... just a kind person to be around. It took us a while to find the perfect house and he never rushed or pushed us to hurry ona decision. Once we found the perfect house, he gave very sound guidance in the offer, contract, and inspection process. After inspections, we needed to do another round of negotiations and Matt handled it very well and in the end both the buyer (that’s us) and the seller were happy. I’d recommend working with Matt. We hope to be in our house a very long time, but if we do sell or buy again, we would not hesitate to call Matt for his services!

- Annie N.